FlexSecure SDK

FlexSecure Software Development Kit offers a C++ implementation of selected cryptographic algorithms and coding methods. The implementation emphasises especially resistance to side-channel attacks.

Side-channel attacks attempt to drow conclusions on secret information through measurement of physical values on a device that performs cryptograpic algorithms. If no counter measures are taken, this form of attacks becomes more and more dangerous. This manifests itself in the fact that many new security standards, e.g. FIPS, demand a verification of resistance to side-channel attacks for security components.

An extended version of FlexSecure SDK, which implements new algorithm types and is resistent to quantum computer attacks, is in preparation. The new SDK is suitable for PC, FPGA and smartcard implementations and builds a base for the new generation crypto technique.

The developement of FlexSecure SDK was supported by Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). A great number of security solutions, among others of Federal Office for Information Security, is based on FlexSecure SDK.

FlexSecure News (EN)

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