FlexSecure Recryption Agent for MS Outlook®

While securing emails cryptographically, old keys and certificates must be elaborately archived. FlexSecure Recryption Agent solves this problem through recryption, so that only one key per user has to be managed. This increases reliability and simplifies the smartcard deployment. FlexSecure Recryption Agent offers this module of the secure IT infrastructure for the first time ever, in an amazingly simple, cost-efficient and nevertheless highly secure way.


FlexSecure Recryption Agent processes all emails, which were encrypted for a given certificate, in an Outlook® folder. All encrypted messages including their file attachments are decrypted with the old private key and then encrypted for one or more certificates, which can be freely selected by the particular user.

FlexSecure Recryption Agent supports Outlook® as a stand-alone application as well as together with a Microsoft Exchange Server®, thus being perfectly suitable for business applications.

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