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IT Security is a Strategic Factor of Success

IT security is becoming more and more important for a sustained commersial success of a business. Through industrial espionage - but also through IT sabotage - annual losses worth billions occur just in Germany.

The loss of sensitive data can fundamentally threaten a whole business. Executive boards and directors are liable therefor. Thus high security is not a luxury but an essential factor of success today and in the future.

Industry and public authorities agree that only strong cryptographic algorithms for authentication and encryption in company-owned and public IT systems (e.g. Internet) can fulfil the security requirements.

FlexSecureID Offers High Security

With FlexSecureID companies implement a cost-efficient and extraordinary flexible security infrastructure based on secure electronic certificates. FlexSecureID implements a great amount of applications, from simple but nevertheless highly secure authentication to complex single sign-on systems and email encryption.

High security in the information technology has never been so simple: FlexSecureID operates on smartcards and USB tokens that can be handed out to stuff members without further preparation. Token personalisation is user-operated and carried out through a web portal. Token lost? No problem: Certificates can be revoked, reactivated or newly assigned with minimal administration costs.

Secure Access - Finally, No More Passwords!

IT system and IT infrastructure access is as a rule carried out through password input. At the same time passwords are the fingerprint by means of which the user identity is established in the most IT systems. The possession of a foreign password not only opens access to foreign secrets but also masks own actions with a foreign identity.

More and more IT responsibles recognise ongoing risks of this situation: Passwords are unsafe and expensive! Passwords are mostly chosen too simple, are forgotten, misplaced or noted down. Passwords are often passed on and are goals of phishing attacks and trojans. Hence, passwords often get into wrong hands. 

Companies often try to avoid misuse through the enforcement of complex passwords and of their regular change. Acceptance of IT systems suffers from it and still it rather intensifies the weaknesses mentioned above! FlexSecureID is the solution to this whole complex of problems: The authentication is carried out by means of an electronic certificate on the company's card or on the USB token. The access is granted only if the user possesses a valid token and the corresponding PIN. Validity of digital certificates is checked online. FlexSecureID is thereby seamlessly integrated into an existing Active Directory.

Secure Identity

FlexSecureID is a secure digital identification for your IT systems. It allows you to finally use all the possibilities of your role and right system without giving you a headache.

You can benefit from the competence of the german technological leader for electronic identities: FlexSecure GmbH provides secure technology and know-how for the German electronic passwort and for the new German electronic Identification Card.

Secure Communication

Since FlexSecureID provides a real public key infrastucture, the additional services, e.g. email encryption, can be immediately used. Sensitive data encryption is a must for the communication over public networks such as Internet! The risks of unencrypted data cannot at all be estimated high enough. If at the end of 90s Siemens had encypted the proposal papers for the ICE in Korea, the proposal would not have been underbid in the last minute. With FlexSecureID encryption of electronic communication becomes a piece of cake despite of the highest security criteria. With the help of FlexSecure-Recryption Agent for Outlook and Exchange, the long-term access to the encrypted information remains unaffected in case of key change.

For SAP users in particular, a special version FlexSecureID SAP is available. It is optimally integrated into SAP environment.

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