FlexSecureID with DFN-PKI Connection

Are you using certificates of the German Rersearch Network (Deutsches Forschungsnetz), the DFN PKI?

If so, we can offer you a cost-efficient solution FlexSecureID DFN that allows simple, convenient and secure personalisation and management of smartcards and tokens based on DFN certificates. 

  • secure logon for Windows and Linux
  • secure Email
  • secure Web Services
  • secure VPN

and much more that you can implement now easily with smartcards.

The system is already in active use, e.g. at the Darmstadt University of Technology (Technische Universität Darmstadt) that provides its stuff members and students with smartcards. Every half a year ca. 40.000 certificates are updated and replaced on the smartcards - and all this user-operated!

FlexSecureID DFN consists of a trustcenter module and a client module. With it, a user-operated PKI for smartcard or token personalisation can be established. PKI participants can request and retrieve certificates decentrally and autonomously.

As Certification Authority the CA of DFN is used. Communication between software and DFN PKI is based on the new DFN PKI SOAP interface. Certification and revocation request processing is fully automated. The system is compliant with the new DFN policy and fulfils its entire requirements.

Central Interface

The participant data of PKI participants (name, address, key, certificate etc.) are stored and managed centrally in a directory. The software consists of a server component that monitors the directory and requests certificates, makes them available for download and revokes them, according to the status of a participant node.

Certificate Service Functions for Smartcards or Tokens

After a first-time certificate request by the participant certificates can be updates automatically and made available for download to the participant's smartcard or token.

No-Installation Token

If no-installation FlexSecureID tokens are used, then the smartcard based security is immediately available without any installation.

  • no driver software required
  • no card reader required
  • straightaway mobile operation

Guaranted High Security Level

FlexSecureID DFN is a product of the house FlexSecure, the technological leader for high security in the digital world.

Platform Independent

The client component of the software is a JAVA Webstart application that allows the participant to generate certificate requests and retrieve issued certificates with his smartcard or token. The client component is platform independent and supports common Linux distributions in addition to Windows XP and Windows Vista. The graphic interface is customisable and supports several languages.

Card Personalisation and Shipment

FlexSecure offers supplementary automation modules for the system that allow among others secure key generation on the smartcard, customisable smartcard print and shipment letter generation.



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