Horror messages about counterfeit goods, medicine, spare parts and so on are reaching us daily through the media. The financial damage is estimated to cost billions and still, so far there has been no practical, secure and cost-efficient solution available.

Within a project supported by Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), FlexSecure in cooperation with other brach-leading partners has developed FlexSecure eSEAL.

The solution: 

FlexSecure eSEAL is a highly secure electronic seal. Opposite to conventional seals that are protected only by their optical characteristics, eSEAL is equipped with a contactless chip. eSEAL employs the same technology as the electronic Identification Card and is therefore currently the most counterfeit secure electronic seal. 

The eSEAL system consists of an RFID chip embedded into a flexible self-adhesive label. The system is physically counterfeit and break secure. Furthermore, eSEAL system includes a certification service eSEAL-CA, as well as an electronic seal book eSEAL-Manager, a management system for electronic seals, and eSEAL-Mobil, a client application for mobile terminals that are employed to activate and to check seals.

Opposite to other RFID techniques, eSEAL can operate on metallic surfaces and that even if the seal is adhered around a corner. Thus, eSEAL is best suitable for a great variety of application scenarios.

By means of the application of highly secure certificates in connection with innovative trustcenter technology the identity of each seal is real-time clearly verifiable worldwide anytime!

Numerous applications of eSeal are being prepared already at present, further applications are planned:

  • digital delivery receipt on a chip (content, quantity, charge, sender, recipient etc.)  
  • production process control including cost transparency for deficient products
  • continous backtracking of critical goods (foods, dangerous goods etc.)
  • application along the entire value chain (procurement, production, distribution, after-sales)
  • fast plagiarism detection (ideal e.g. for high-price merchandise)
  • strict security restrictions for transport (insurance premium)

Further publications will be added soon. We will be happy to advise you and to answer any further questions.

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