FlexSecure e-Passport Solutions

The Federal Republic of Germany defines the highest security requirements for issue and validation of passports and other national documents. FlexSecure e-Passport Solutions is an infrastructure component suite that fulfils the entire requirements to provide security for electronic national documents, according to ICAO and to the limitations of the European Union.

Based on the components that have been evaluated on the highest level (CC) and control the production of German passports today, a new product line was developed to provide security for all processes and components for national documents production.

FlexSecure e-Passport Solutions includes the most secure solution for the implementation of

  • CSCA - Country Signing Certification Authority - responsible for the securing of the electronic data in a passport
  • a CVCA, DVCA - Country Verification Certivication Authority und Document Verification Certification Authority - responsible for authorisation for reading of the passport data
  • a TAO Service - Terminal Authentication Online Service – a central signature service for highly secure identification, worldwide governmental inspection system for passport reading

FlexSecure e-Passport Solutions were developed by order of German Information Security Agency (BSI) and is since years in use for securing of German passports.


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