FlexiTrust Timestamp

FlexiTrust Timestamp offers a timestamp solution for all frequent application cases such as incoming mail, warranty deadlines, proof of processing time, copyright, measurement reading recordings, electronic billing and many others.

After automatic or manual selection of data an electronically signed timestamp containing the official legal time is created. It serves later as a legaly binding proof of that the data was available with exactly that content at that time. Subsequent data changes will be immediately detected at the verification time.

FlexiTrust Timestamp offers timestamp integration into existing processes as well as integration into third party apllications.  

FlexiTrust Timestamp base is the proven, high-performance FlexiTrust OCSP architecture which is employed in high-security contexts, e.g. by the qualified certification service providers and by the national Root Authority for qualified certification services of Germany at Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur).

Trustworthy timestamps are required in various ways at times of business process digitalisation, e.g. as a basic technology for cost-saving electronic billing (see also FlexiTrust e-Invoice).

Electronic business processes produce a constant demand for timestamps - therefore you will achieve rapidly investment return by operating your own timestamp service.

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