FlexSecure OCSP Responder

FlexSecure OCSP Responder performs real time verification of electronic certificates featuring extreme performance, robustness and high availability.

Electronic signatures are becoming more and more important in every sector of electronic communication. Whether electronic bill or signed software, the electronic signature allows verification of the data origin.

With FlexSecure OCSP Responder you can make certificates required for signature verification and their freshly signed validity information securely available on the network.

A special feature is amongst others multitenancy, which ensures that one software instance can simultaneously work for any number of certification services. FlexiTrust OCSP Responder allows usage of several, possibly different, signature generating units for a client, such as smartcards, hardware security modules and softtoken. FlexiTrust OCSP Responder can generate up to 800 signed responses per minute thus suiting scenarios with a great many of simultaneous requests, e.g. during peak-hours in the electronic Health Card infrastructure or for usage by Internet service providers for VPN router or other network device requests.

FlexSecure OCSP Responder is also available as an evaluated and certified version. This version is used amongst others by the national Root Authority for qualified signatures in Germany and by the in accordance with german Digital Signature Act (Signaturgesetz) accredited certification service providers.



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