FlexiTrust e-Invoice: ROI right away!

With today's highly competitive market climate, process and cost efficiency of a particular business are important competitive factors.

The introduction of electronic billing offers the opportunity of achieving these goals quickly and effectively. Many companies lag behind in this aspect, while those who have introduced electronic billing cannot imagine a comeback to the conventional processes.

Electronic billing allows a drastic reduction of administration and mailing costs. It proves cost-effective already at the billing volume of 200 bills per month. According to a study of the European Comission, savings of more than 70 per cent were observed after induction of electronic billing. Other surveys show that a bill sent by post is reflected in the budget of 16 euro on average.

Electronic billing requires though qualified signatures because only in this way an electronic bill is legally valid and admited for input tax deduction. Up to now it was considered too expensive and complicated to apply.

FlexSecure, the technological leader for security in the digital world, has introduced a solution:

FlexiTrust e-Invoice Signature Server allows worldwide automation of your electronic billing. FlexiTrust e-Invoice is cost-effective not only in the outcome but also in the operation and can be easily integrated into established workflows.

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