FlexiTrust B

FlexiTrust is the market-leading German trustcenter system. Numerous reputable companies and institutions deploy FlexiTrust, e.g. the Root Authority of the national German Public Key Infrastructure.

FlexiTrsut B is an efficient and cost-saving basic version of FlexiTrust Security Suite, which offers the basis for secure data and secure communication.

The trustcenter solution FlexiTrust B manages robustly and comfortably all the relevant security levels: softtoken, USB token and smartcards.

FlexiTrust B is highly available, extremely fast and highly scalable.

FlexiTrust B is based on the evaluated FlexiTrust HS components (see FlexiTrust HS for more details) yet it offers more flexibility for the deployment in the conventional evironment.

The comfortable and intuitive management interface offers not only increased security but it is also in every respect a must for the risk-sensitive opreration of sensitive IT infrastructures.

FlexiTrust B is modular expandable, thus offering a flexible and scalable entry to the secure IT.

FlexiTrust B is the basis of a big, highly integrated family of security solutions. Countless extensions, integrations, connectors and special modules are available.

User-operated processes, group-based management and configurable roles assure the acceptance in the company and integration into the existing processes and enhance performance and efficiency. For instnace, FlexiTrust is deployed in the new SAP identity management solution. 

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