Federal German Network Agency (BNA)

National root certification authority of the Federal Republic of Germany for qualified signatures, in cooperation with T-Systems Click here to read more ...

Federal German Authority for Security in Information Technology (BSI)

Certification authority for electronic passports and inspection systems
Policy certification authorities for electronic passports
Side-channel-resistant cryptographic libraries
Electronic seal
Implementation of quantum-computing-resistant crypto algorithms
Application for the enhanced protection of passport data

German Health Network (DGN)

Certification service for the healthcare sector and ID cards in the medical professions
Accredited CSP (certification service provider) pursuant to the German Signature Act
eTAN Service for Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärztebank

ZDF German Public Broadcasting System

Highly available token management and certification solution
Globally available authentication management through user-controlled token processes and decentralised administration


eSecurity consulting
Specialist for SAP identity management
Security solutions for SAP

German Meteorological Service (DWD)

Trust center solutions for user-controlled token process for the highly available protection of the DWD’s IT infrastructure
Production of service ID cards with multi-purpose characteristics in combination with the Federal Administration PKI

Lufthansa German Airlines

FlexSecure Outlook Recrypting Tool for the group-wide recryption of e-mails in an international context

ARCOR / Vodafone

Certification service for business client applications

Hessian Data Processing Centre (HZD)

Microsoft Outlook recryption agent

Badenia Bank

Company-wide public key infrastructure – eSecurity applications

University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt

FlexSecureID token management solution for student and staff ID cards
Process optimisation for the secure delivery of about 45,000 student and staff ID cards

University of Giessen

FlexSecureID token management solution for student and staff ID cards

University of Freiburg

FlexSecureID token management solution for student and staff ID cards

Schenk AG

Integration of electronic signature (ECC) in industrial weighing machines – audit-proof, legally compliant weighing results

German Federal Foreign Office, Federal Police

FlexSecure ePassport Solution (terminal authentication online service) – signature service for passport terminals


Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärztebank

FlexSecureID production system for the electronic TAN

Kobil / Microsoft

Consultancy and support for common criteria evaluations

FlexSecure News (EN)

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