SAP Securtiy Consulting

Consulting and strategic support of SAP users is so important to us that we have lauched a subsidiary exclusively dedicated to this business domain, namely

FlexBond GmbH
Industriestr. 12
64297 Darmstadt
Tel. +49-(0)6151-9504884

The responsible is Dr. Raphael Overbeck
rafael.overbeck [at]

With our intensive cooperation with SAP and experience in numerous projects, we will purposefully assist you in issues of

  • Identity Management (IDM)
  • Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC)

Today, even well-trained administrators can hardly cope with the complexity of an SAP system.

False configuration of the SAP system, of the operating system or of the database can cause grave security deficiencies. Continuous extensions with new software components, authorisation concepts etc. increase the risk, that corresponding errors or security vulnerabilities of the system remain undetected. The available role concepts are so complex that many users who have been authorised once for administration, can operate in the whole system. Access rights monitoring or change is hardly possible. 

In addition to internal security, our focus aims at the log-in mechanisms of individual users. Here, numerous user names and passwords are required. However, these are noted down on the most different media (post-it note, notebook, desk pad etc.) or can be guessed easily in connection with a certain user (name of a wife or girlfriend, date of birth etc.). The responsible manager or executive committee is led so to a grey zone, which can rapidly lead to poor and costly showing, taking into consideration current ratings and requirements of insurance law.



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