Common Criteria (CC)

Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation (CC) represent a worldwide standardised catalogue for evaluation and verification of security characteristics of IT sytems and products. For instance, distributed systems or applications and products for qualified electronic signature are evaluated in accordance with Digital Signature Act (Signaturgesetz) according to this international criteria catalogue.

Requirements to trustworthiness are summerised in a typical EAL (Evaluation Assurance Level) and include levels EAL1 (Functionally Tested) to EAL7 (Formally Verified Design and Tested).

Our services include:

  • Assistance in decision-making concerning the security level of the evaluation.
  • Our analysis offers you an opportunity to consider required security functions already at the product development and planning stage.
  • Developer coaching in avoiding implementation errors while implementing security functions.
  • Preparation of required CC conform documents.
  • Content preparation for CC evaluation.
  • Arrangement of functional security requirements and of the required CC profile with you and a verification office.
  • Mechnism strength and vulnerability analysis.

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