Company Management

Markus Ruppert, Founder and Executive Director

For over 30 years engaged in the information technology, Markus Ruppert posesses an outstanding understanding of software developement, IT security and cryptography issues. Before the foundation of FlexSecure he was a long-term member of research stuff at Darmstadt University Of Technology and executive director of „Competence Center for Applied Security Technology“. Markus Ruppert is responsible for customer support, product developement and innovation at FlexSecure.

Erwin Stallenberger, Founder and Executive Director

Erwin Stallenberger is an experienced businessman who has been successful in different banches of business before the foundation of FlexSecure. Due to this background, he is successful at combining customer requirements on one hand with innovative eSecurity products of FlexSecure on the other hand to technologically convincing and cost-efficient solutions. Erwin Stallenberger is responsible for customer support, personnel management and buseness management at FlexSecure.

FlexSecure News (EN)

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